Division of Industrial Relations

Division of Industrial Relations

Employer Representation Before the Nevada DIR

The Division of Industrial Relations (DIR) is part of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry. The DIR has six Sections, which include Nevada OSHA and the Workers’ Compensation Section (WCS).

Nevada law requires every employer to “provide and secure compensation… for any personal injuries by accident sustained by an employee arising out of and in the course of the employment.” In other words, every employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance.

If an employer is found to be without coverage in violation of this requirement, it can be charged with a felony. If an employer fails to properly respond to determinations or pay workers’ comp benefits in a timely manner, the WCS can and will impose multiple, serious penalties.

It can issue regulatory fines and benefit penalties, and take other punitive actions against employers, insurers and third-party administrators who fail to comply with the Nevada Industrial Insurance Act.

For example, uninsured employers may face criminal charges, as well as an order to stop operations until coverage is obtained. They also must pay back the Uninsured Employers’ Claim Account, which pays the medical and indemnity benefits that an injured employee is entitled to.

Needless to say, the risk and cost of being uninsured are exponentially higher than the cost of workers’ compensation insurance coverage. And make no mistake, the WCS takes its mission very seriously. We do too.

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Our mission is to bring balance to industry by providing expert legal representation when determinations issued by the DIR need to be appealed and especially when criminal investigations ensue.

HM&C has two former DIR administrators who understand how the agency works and how best to approach difficult situations. We help uninsured employers navigate through these ordeals and mitigate any further mounting costs associated with the violation and the claim.

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