General Litigation

General Litigation

Protecting You and Your Business in Shark-Infested Waters

General litigation practices exist because the risk of a lawsuit is a reality for every business. It’s a constant threat that causes uncertainty, instability and confusion that affects how organizations and their employees conduct business and themselves. A company’s response to an actual or threatened lawsuit can directly impact its current operations and future viability.

The HM&C Tort and General Liability Defense Practice Group has extensive experience in representing a wide range of litigants and providing industrial solutions to claims arising out of property damage, personal injury, accidents, torts and subrogation.

Our experience, earned from both plaintiff- and defense-directed industrial representation, empowers us to identify and analyze the issues, risks and exposures for litigation quickly and accurately. Our priority is to devise a legal strategy that effectively litigates matters based on a thorough understanding of your business, your objectives and all applicable laws. Our primary goal is to restore security and balance to your business.

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The HM&C Advantage

We successfully defend tort and general liability claims at the various levels of the litigation process in a variety of venues through motions for summary judgment and trials when necessary. We also counsel clients on when it is advantageous to settle a meritorious claim out of court.

HM&C’s Tort and General Liability Defense Practice Group has conducted litigation in:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Employment-related liability
  • Premises liability
  • Personal injury
  • Transportation liability

Our attorneys can also implement lawsuit prevention strategies through in-house risk management protocols and employee training seminars. And we can counsel you on industrial solutions that mitigate litigation risks and help you stay focused on achieving your business goals.

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