Dalton L. Hooks, Jr.

Dalton L. Hooks, Jr.

Our founder, Dalton L. Hooks, Jr., is an educator, entrepreneur, and innovator; his core values of excellence, integrity, vision, and passion are at the heart of everything we do here at HMC!

The seeds of HMC were sowed in 2004 when Dalton started Hooks Law Office in his home office after spending time working at larger regional and international firms. From those humble beginnings as a solo practice, we have doubled in size approximately every three years!

Before becoming a lawyer, Dalton was a public official in charge of running the Consultation and Training Section of Nevada OSHA. He also served as both a compliance officer and trainer with the Nevada OSHA program. Even earlier, at just 19 years old, Dalton began establishing his Workers’ Compensation expertise working for the State Industrial Insurance System (SIIS) in various capacities. In total, Dalton has spent 35 years (well over half of his life) working in, on, and around issues concerning industrial regulation and insurance.

As an educator, Dalton has been an adjunct at UNLV in both the law school at Boyd and in the general studies undergraduate program. He has been a mentor with the Nevada State Bar for over a decade and serves on the Workers’ Compensation Specialty Board, credentialing Nevada lawyers as specialists in the practice area. Dalton is also a highly sought-after speaker for various industry stakeholders and educational groups, including Sterling, NBI, NSIA, RIMS, NDPC, and many others.

When not leading HMC to greater heights, Dalton is a loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle, godfather, dog-dad, amateur photographer, martial artist, tech, and sports-car enthusiast!

The team that Dalton and his partners have created at HMC is simply unparalleled. Over the next few posts, we will introduce you to other members of our exceptional team. Stay tuned!